2018-2019 Executive Positions

Meet your 2018-2019 UC-IEEE executives!


Officer Bios:

Michael Santacroce


Hello! I’m Michael, the president of IEEE at UC this year. IEEE is important to me because it is one of the most influential EECS groups nationally for publishing research, creating standards, networking, advising industry, and much more. I’d like to see IEEE become one of the the go-to groups for EECS majors. Feel free to email me any time for any questions you have about the group or EECS in general! My goals for this year are to 1) increase marketing and awareness and 2) to host 2 large events for the student body.

I’m a 5th-year ACCEND student doing a Computer Engineering undergrad and a Computer Science MS degree, and I’ve worked with both Intuit and GE Aviation. In the past, I’ve been extremely involved in both Student Government and the CEAS Tribunal.

I hope to see you around!