2017-18 Executive Positions

Meet your 2017-18 UC-IEEE executives!


Officer Bios:

Khaled Aboumerhi


Hello everyone! My name is Khaled Aboumerhi and I am your current UC-IEEE President. I am a 5th year in electrical engineering, pursuing a minor in mathematics and nanotechnology. As an electrical engineer, I hope to contribute to the technological world that is growing ever-so small. As president of IEEE, my mission is to provide UC students with more insight into the world of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Fun fact about me – I’ve played violin for 14 years.

Please feel free to contact me or stop by the IEEE office – I’d love to chat!

Heath Palmer


Hey Everyone! Welcome to humanity’s Simulated World (Elon Musk talked on the concept – so it must be possible)! Where I’m Heath Palmer – a 3rd year Electrical Engineering Student with a passion for all around VR/AR development. I chose EE because of personal projects with the Arduino and CAD. With old and new skills, I plan to shape the development of technology like: Hyperloop, VR/AR implementation, AI, and IoT. Ask me anything about the Hyperloop team here at UC! If you want to enter the virtual world with VR – let me know!

Eric Hermann


I’m Eric Herrmann, a 5th year student currently pursuing my undergraduate and Masters of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and integrated electronic devices. I chose to be an electrical engineer because I enjoyed working with computers but also enjoy physics, so I picked a major where I could do both. I am currently doing my Masters research with Dr. Rashmi Jha in the Emerging Devices for Advanced Computing Systems (EDACS) lab, and I co-op for Infinera, a long-haul fiber optic data transport company in Silicon Valley.


Aswin Balasubramaniam


My name is Aswin and I am a third year in electrical engineering technology with a minor in economics. I have always had an interest and a passion in tinkering with electronics and it is because of this that I am pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. I intend to use this opportunity to pursue my higher studies. I am also a part of Hyperloop UC and we had the pleasure of competing in Los Angeles this past academic year. Fun fact: I am an international student from Dubai, UAE!

Ashley Ramsey


I’m a third year in Industrial Management. I chose IM because I like being around engineers, but wasn’t a fan of the work they do. Being a people person allows me to complete efficiency with my future team far easier. Industrial Management allows me to be around engineers and work with them to create a better and more efficient work environment. I’ve broken four bones in my life, two were running related injuries (my tailbone and pinky). I enjoy drawing, painting, and pretending I’m a DAAP student in my free time.


Joe Castenir


I am a second year electrical engineering student minoring in construction management. I chose this major because I have always had an interest in electricity throughout structures (I have been working as a construction electrician.) I am a part of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity on campus.

Dane Sowers


Hello everyone, my name is Dane Sowers and I am the Social Chair and President Emeritus of UC-IEEE. I am entering my fifth year studying computer engineering, and I am also enrolled in the MBA ACCEND program. I chose my major because I really enjoyed programming and computer science from my high school experience, but also wanted exposure to the hardware aspects of computing. One interesting fact about myself is that I am color blind.

Chris Wilson


Hello, I’m Christopher Wilson, a Senior in Electrical Engineering.  I chose EE because of the wide variety of fields it is comprised of.  I choose UC for the co-op program, which has helped me develop myself professionally and to understand what interests me.  I am a fan of board games, card games, and video games, and I have been in various choruses and choirs every year of my life since second grade.